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RDP “2” – STEREO 35 Watt – High Efficiency Low Energy – ENCODER

RDP “2” – STEREO 35 Watt – High Efficiency Low Energy – ENCODER

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RDP ”2”  35 Watt STEREO – Series of Digital Audio Players with ENCODER Class “D”- HIGH EFFICIENCY

The RDP “2” series of high-efficiency Class D digital audio players is also available with volume controlled by a rotary knob (ENCODER).               Type approved in compliance with EC standards.


Main technical features:

  • Mixer function for simultaneous playback of any 2 tracks stored on the Mini-Card “2”
  • Fully remote controllable
  • Direct access to functions from keyboard
  • Balance function for setting the volume of one call higher than the other
  • Pause function (II) interrupts playback at any point and resumes play from the same point
  • Display shows track or tracks currently being played, volume level, balance setting, pause status, timer count and a “no Mini-Card “2” inserted” warning
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Rapidly replaceable Mini-Card “2”
  • Timer-controlled activation/deactivation
  • Separate battery pack
  • FM radio receiver function
  • Headphone socket for listening to bird calls or FM radio with stereo headphones
  • A-B function allows user to play back a selected portion of a call (or calls)
  • Self-protected against accidental inversion of polarity. However, special attention must be paid to the external connection, since the circuit that prevents +/- polarity inversion does not offer 100% protection



Accessories available sold separately:

Leather case

Remote control

Standard and optional Mini-Card “2”

Static-proof case for 5 Mini-Card “2” cards

Assorted horn diffusers

External power supply cable with clamps



No. of  tracks Up to 40 tracks Dimensions of player Without battery pack:  approx. 65x24x110 mm (LxHxW)

With battery pack: approx. 65×41.5×110 mm (LxHxW) (excluding controls and protruding components)


Frequency response 20 ÷ 20000 Hz Dimensions of Mini-Card 2 memory card  approx. 24×32 mm (LxW)


Signal/noise ratio SNR ≥ 102 dB Weight 152 g (without battery pack)

322 g (with battery pack)



Harmonic distortion RDP “2” – 35 W, D-MT MONO ≥ 0.05% (at 1 KHz, 4Ω, 5 W)


Remote control functions All main functions available directly from digital player unit
Maximum output power at 12 V RDP “2” – 35 W, D-MT MONO (with horn diffuser):  35 W + 35 W


Auto-selected secret codes (on the remote control unit) 65,000
Operating position Any Minimum range of remote control unit 70 m with battery fully charged, no obstacles, audio player at ground level and transmission/reception antennas in vertical position
Operating temperature -20° to +80°C Power supply of remote control unit 1 – type E23A or GP23A 12 V battery
Internal power supply 8 – 1.5 V IEC type LR6 alkaline or lithium batteries or 1.2-1.5 V rechargeable batteries


Dimensions of remote control unit approx. 54×9.5×80 mm (LxHxW)
External power supply 12V battery or stabilised 220 VAC mains-powered transformer with output of 12 VDC, minimum 3.4 Ah.


Weight of remote control unit 39 g, with battery


NOTE: The new RDP “2”, MINI-RDP “2” and MICRO-RDP Class-D high-efficiency digital audio players accept the same type of Mini-Card “2”




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