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Remote control MINI-RDP MIXER

Remote control MINI-RDP MIXER

105,00 IVA inc.


Telecomando per comandare a distanza tutte le funzioni dei riproduttori digitali MINI-RDP MIXER.


Remote control MINI-RDP MIXER

Remote control to remotely control all the functions of the MINI-RDP MIXER digital players. Equipped with a red or green LED that not only indicates the transmission of commands to the player but also indicates the state of charge of the internal battery.
Possibility of differentiated secret coding with 65000 combinations.

Approved according to CE regulations.


Accessories supplied:

  • Antennas kit, one flexible and one rigid.
  • Boar



Functions performed by remote control All functions performed directly by RDP digital players
Self-selected secret codes 65000
Minimum range 70 mt. with the battery fully charged without obstacles interposed with the audio player at ground level and vertical transmission and reception antennas.
Remote control power supply 1 12 V. battery type E23A GP23A
Remote control size (W x H x D) 54 x 95 x 80 mm. approx.
Remote control weight 39 gr. including battery


Additional information

Weight 39 kg