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Cartes de chansons


Before proceeding with the purchase of the model cards MINI-CARD 2 SERIES and MINI-CARD 1 SERIES make sure that the player is up to date.

Breeders are up to date if:

RDP 2 Serie GOLD BALLS inside the card insertion slot.
MINI-RDP 2 Serie (8 watts AND 12 watts) GOLD BALLS inside the battery compartment.
MINI-RDP 1 Serie GREEN BALLS inside the battery compartment.


if the color of the dots does not match the color we indicate, you must send the reproducer for service by Plurifon.

If you purchase a new card the upgrade is free of charge.

Seleccione la CARD en su posesión

ou vérifier la taille selon le modèle du joueur

Mini card 2a serie
(24 x 32 mm)

Micro card
(24 x 18 mm)

Mini card 1a serie
(37 x 46 mm)