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About Us

Our Vision

Plurifon was officially established in 1965 based on an innate
naturalistic passion of its founder Paride Bonaccini.
Meticulousness and professional skills are the other components that allowed this company to become a leader in recording and reproducing the “Voices of nature”.

Today, Plurifon implements modern digital technologies to record the calls and voices of different and unique birds and mammals “live” in their own natural environment.

These technologies are utilised to ensure the best possible high-fidelity recordings.

In sound diffusers, the most advanced technological components, such as the Ferro-Boro and Neodymium magnets, can be used to combine realistic reproduction of the voices of nature with maximum sound efficiency.
In the electronic circuits, the use of hybrids on a ceramic support
and SMD technologies optimises reliability and protection against corrosive substances.

All the Research activities, new product Development, production and severe final testing are performed in a dynamic artisan organisation, where the founder, Paride Bonaccini, works with his family members togheter with specialised technicians.
These are the essential technical-organisational factors to support the Plurifon objectives: to build digital reproducers that quarantee maximum reproduction fidelity of live recordings.
Plurifon, proud of its work and aware of the valid results of its products, offers its customers all the company’s know-how and exsperience, certain that this can only enhance the quality standard of the market.