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Mini-horn TW72-T

Mini-horn TW72-T

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Mini-horn TW72-T

Diffuser with straight, compact horn. Thanks to its efficient neodymium magnet, it can generate high sound pressure despite its reduced size and be connected to medium-power audio players.

Ideal for reproducing medium-high frequency calls such as those of starlings, sparrows, skylarks, thrushes, etc.

It can also be used for reproducing aquatic bird calls when size is an important factor. The bell can be detached to turn the horn into a pocket-sized tweeter that is perfect for reproducing shrill sounds such as the twittering of thrushes, pipits, etc.  Equipped with a thermal cut-out that protects against overheating.

Type-approved in accordance with EC standards.


Sound diffusion Directional, with bell fitted – Panoramic, without bell
Maximum power 14 W
Dimensions Ø 67,5 x 84 mm
Size of magnet unit Ø 50 x 52 mm
Peso 214 gr (including cable)
Cable length 1,5 mt

Rain resistant


Additional information

Weight 0.214 kg
Dimensions 8.4 × 6.75 cm