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Cards on request

To request a personalized digital card, it is necessary to use the appropriate form.
The form must be completed in all its parts and signed (it is important to indicate the model of the reproducer in your possession).

The Plurifon company accepts only written orders, it is not possible to request personalized cards by phone, this to avoid misunderstandings in the type of songs.

We are always available for any type of advice or clarification.

We remind you that in the Mini Card 2 digital cards it is possible to add, the eleventh track, in the personalized cards to 10 songs, and the twenty-first track in the personalized cards to 20 songs, without additional costs.

The 2nd series Mini cards can be made up to around 40 songs.

The additional tracks added (ex: 12, 13, 14 etc … or 22, 23, 24 etc …) will have an additional cost of € 15 each, when the card is ordered for the first time.
If you want to add songs at a later time the cost will be equal to a change of

30 for one song.

Send the completed form to:

Modify a 2nd series Mini card

To modify a 2nd series mini card it is necessary to fill in the form inserting the desired songs in the tracks to be replaced.
Replace 1 runway or 2 runways: € 60 fixed cost
Replace more than 2 tracks (ex: 3,4,5) 30 € per track.

Add songs to a Standard card

In the standard 2nd Series Mini Cards it is possible to add 1 or 2 tracks, both in those with 10 songs, the card will become 12, and in the 20 cards, the card will become 22.

The cost of two tracks added is € 60.

Modify or add tracks in the 2nd series Mini Cards on request

In the 2nd series Mini cards, on request it is possible to add or modify songs, the costs are the same as for standard cards.
In the personalized cards you can add more tracks, 
usually you can get to around 40 songs at a cost of € 30 each.

On request cards, when changes or additions are made, it is possible to reorder the card without additional costs.
For other digital card models: 1st series Memory Card, 1st series Mini card, for changes and additions it is always necessary to send the card to the company to check the available memory space.

Send the completed form to:

List of modules

EN-card module on request up to 40 songs

EN-Module to change cards to 10 songs

EN-Module to change cards to 20 songs

EN-Card Module on request to 11 songs

EN-module for personalized cards up to 21 songs