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RDP “2” – STEREO 35 Watt – High Efficiency Low Energy

RDP “2” – STEREO 35 Watt – High Efficiency Low Energy

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RDP “2”  STEREO 35 Watt – Serie of Digital Audio Players Class “D” – HIGH EFFICIENCY

Like the RDP series “2” Mono digital audio player (see previous page), the RDP series “2” Stereo player is equipped with a new, high-efficiency Class-D audio amplifier.  Thanks to the new amplifier, the batteries in the RDP “2” 35 Watt Stereo unit have a longer life (at moderate/average volume), and a radiator is no longer needed. Stereo players allow two speakers or horn diffusers to be used (up to 4 with the RDP 35 Watt Stereo model).  When playing a single bird call, the same call is played back on both channels, and the two speakers may be pointed in different directions. When playing back two (mixed) calls, a different call is played on each speaker.

N.B. Stereo players can be connected to only one speaker, but the “mixer” function is not available with this setup. To avoid damage to the players, the two outputs of the amplifier (AP250) must not be connected to a single speaker. Each unit is thoroughly checked and tested before sale.

The originality of Plurifon products is guaranteed by the holographic anti-counterfeiting label “Original”.

Type approved in compliance with EC standards.


Main technical features:

  • Mixer function for simultaneous playback of any 2 tracks stored on the Mini-Card “2”
  • Fully remote controllable
  • Direct access to functions from keyboard
  • Balance function for setting the volume of one call higher than the other
  • Pause function (II) interrupts playback at any point and resumes play from the same point
  • Display shows track or tracks currently being played, volume level, balance setting, pause status, timer count and a “no Mini-Card “2” inserted” warning
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Rapidly replaceable Mini-Card “2”
  • Timer-controlled activation/deactivation
  • Separate battery pack
  • FM radio receiver function
  • Headphone socket for listening to bird calls or FM radio with stereo headphones
  • A-B function allows user to play back a selected portion of a call (or calls)
  • Self-protected against accidental inversion of polarity. However, special attention must be paid to the external connection, since the circuit that prevents +/- polarity inversion does not offer 100% protection


Accessories available sold separately:

Leather case

Remote control

Standard and optional Mini-Card “2”

Static-proof case for 5 Mini-Card “2” cards

Assorted horn diffusers

Cable for external power supply with clamps


No. of  tracks Up to 40 tracks Dimensions of player Without battery pack (LxHxW): 65x24x110 mm, approx.

With battery pack: 65×41.5×110 mm, approx. (excluding controls and protruding components)


Frequency response 20 ÷ 20000 Hz Dimensions of Mini-Card 2 (LxW) 24×32 mm


Signal/noise ratio SNR ≥ 102 dB Weight 148 g (without battery pack)

318 g (with battery pack)



Harmonic distortion RDP “2” – 35 W, D-ST STEREO ≥ 0.05% (at 1 KHz, 4Ω, 5 W)


Remote control functions All main functions available directly from digital player unit
Maximum output power at 12 V RDP “2” – 35 W, D-ST STEREO (with horn diffuser):  35 W + 35 W


Auto-selected secret codes (on the remote control unit) 65,000
Operating position Any Minimum range of remote control unit 70 m with battery fully charged, no obstacles, audio player at ground level and transmission/reception antennas in vertical position
Operating temperature -20° to +80°C Power supply of remote control unit 1 x type E23A or GP23A 12 V battery
Internal power supply 8 – 1.5 V IEC LR6 type alkaline batteries or 1.2-1.5 V rechargeable batteries


Dimensions of remote control unit  Approx 54×9.5×80 mm (LxHxW)
External power supply 12V battery or stabilised 220 Volt AC mains-powered transformer with output of 12 VDC, minimum 7 Ah for the RDP “2” 35 Watt STEREO player Weight of remote control unit 39 g, with battery


NOTE: BATTERY AMPERAGE (from the external power supply) MUST BE SUFFICIENT TO POWER THE PLAYER FOR THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF HOURS. We do not recommend using batteries lower than 7Ah with the model RDP”2” 35 Watt Stereo player.



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