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Amplifier AP 250-D

The new AP250D amplifier has a high efficiency circuitry in “Class D” of great fidelity and power.

Despite its small size the AP 250D can significantly elevate the sound power of any magnetic or digital audio player.

Since it can power up to 4 horns or loudspeakers (provided they can handle a maximum power of 50 watts), the AP250 can create 360° surround sound. This powerful amplifier is equipped with a circuit which is activated automatically when the unit overheats or when an excessively strong output signal is generated.

The AP250 is particularly recommended for reproducing the songs of quails, ducks and geese over long distances.

Type approved in accordance with EC standards.


Accessories provided in the kit:

2 connecting cables

2 deviations for acoustic diffusers

1 deviation for audio player


Maximum power 50+50 Watt RMS (4 ohm) 800+80 Watt RMS (2 ohm)
Frequency response  20Hz ÷ 20KHz – 1 dB (4 0hm)
Harmonic distortion T.H.D 0,06%
Signal to moise ratio S/N 100 dBa
Power requirements 12 Volt d.c.
Performance   83%
Maximum consumption 15 Ah/ora
Dimensions (LxAxP) 80x30x64
Weight 444 gr. (including connecting cables)


NOTE:  The AP250 can be driven by either one or two magnetic or digital players (one per channel); a maximum of 2 acoustic diffusers with an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms can be connected to each output.


Additional information

Weight 0.470 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6.4 × 3 cm