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Micro-RDP 8 Watt – Class “D” including only bag, battery holder and cone

Micro-RDP 8 Watt – Class “D” including only bag, battery holder and cone

263,00 IVA inc.

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MICRO-RDP” 8 Watt –  Digital Audio Player – Class “D” – HIGH EFFICIENCY 

The new MICRO-RDP, the standard model of “Plurifon” digital audio players, features completely redesigned electronic circuitry equipped with a modern microprocessor and a high-efficiency class “D” audio amplifier. These new components have significantly improved sound quality by enhancing power and fidelity. And, the MICRO-RDP now uses MINI-CARD2 cards, which are interchangeable with other digital audio players. The MICRO-RDP is pocket-sized and also highly efficient, thanks to the built-in speaker with neodymium magnet.

Ideal for reproducing medium-high frequency calls, it has no moving parts, so it’s extremely reliable and virtually indestructible even in heavy-duty use.

Each unit is thoroughly checked and rigorously tested before sale. Compatibility with MINI-CARD “2” cards already on the market is not 100% guaranteed.

The originality of Plurifon products is guaranteed by the holographic anti-counterfeiting label “Original”.

Type approved in accordance with EC standards.  



Dimensions Ø 82 x 60 mm
Weight 25 g

Horn diffuser that can be fitted onto the built-in speaker on the MICRO-RDP. Significantly increases sound levels and improves reproduction of midrange frequencies.


Main features:

–  Direct access to functions from keyboar

–  Pause function (II) interrupts playback at any point and resumes play from the same point

–  LED battery level indicator

–  Rapidly replaceable Mini-Card 2

–  External speaker connection cuts out internal speaker

–  Fully remote controllable

–  Self-protected against accidental inversion of polarity.  However, special attention must be paid to the external connection, since the circuit that prevents +/- polarity inversion does not offer 100% protection


Accessories supplied as standard equipment 

– 1 Standard Mini-card “2”

– 1 Bag in water-repellent camouflage fabric

– 1 650 mAh rechargeable battery (11.1 V) – NEW


Available accessories:

-Assorted speakers

-Assorted horn diffusers

-Cable for external powe supply whit clamps

-Standard Mini-card “2″ for 20 calls, others available upon request

-Horn diffuser for fitting onto built-in speaker

-External battery pack for 6 AA batteries (1.5 V)

-CB-LiPo 4/11 Battery charger


Number of tracks Up to 40
Frequency response 20 ÷ 20000 Hz
Signal/noise ratio SNR ≥ 99 dB
Harmonic distortion ≤ 0.02% (at 1 Khz, 4Ω, 4W)
Maximum power at 12 v, Eiaj At 9V: 6W with internal speaker

At 12V: 8W with internal speaker + horn

At 12V: 10W with TW72-T external speaker

Operating position Any
Operating temperature range – 20° C to + 80° C
Internal power supply One 9 V IEC6LR61 alkaline battery or 11.1 V rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
External power supply 12 V battery or stabilised 220 VAC mains power supply with 12 VDC output, minimum 2 Ah
Digital audio player dimensions approx. 57 x 31 x 94 mm (L x H x D)
Mini-card 2 dimensions approx. 24 x 32 (L x D)
Weight 126 g (without battery) 172 g (with battery)


NOTE: The new RDP “2”, MINI-RDP “2” and MICRO-RDP Class-D high-efficiency digital audio players accept the same type of Mini-Card “2”.




Additional information

Weight 0.170 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 5.7 × 3.1 cm

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